Plat D´Or - at Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Hotel

The Plat d'Or Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Son Vida, renowned for having one of the most exquisite Mediterranean cuisine in Mallorca.

Let yourself be enhanced at Plat d'Or Restaurant by innovative dishes from the chef Rafael Sánchez. The menu at Plat d'Or Restaurant stands out with its regional specialities from all over Spain, with the best ingredients, which are prepared in an authentic way. The comfortable terrace is inviting during the warm summer for dinner under the starlit sky over Mallorca. Rafael Sánchez was born in Badalona on 25 January 1974. Following his training as a chef, he acquired professional experience at various restaurants. He joined the kitchen team he now heads at the Sheraton Majorca in 1996. The principle applied by Rafael Sánchez and his team is to always serve the freshest, best quality products, offering a diverse array of forms and preparation methods. Sánchez lives up to this principle through an artful blend of creativity, innovative skill and extravagance. In the words of Rafael Sánchez himself, "We prepare foods which are in harmony with the seasons, showing a deep respect for our environment. We take great care to cook each and every product only up to the precise point at which it is done to perfection. Our cuisine is in tune with the times".


Son Vida ()


Rafael Sanchez


New Majorcan Cuisine




From 19.00 - 23.30h (closed Mon&Sun)


from Euro 25


Carrer de la Vinagrella, E-07013 – Mallorca

TEL.+34 971 787 100