Arabella Spa - At St Regis Mardavall

The Arabella Spa in Portals will take you to a unique world of sensations: discover this fabulous spa in Portals, one of the best spas in Mallorca.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the oldest systems of healing. It is not only concerned with the treatment of existing complaints, but also with the prevention of new ones. The Centre of TCM at the Arabella Spa, with our very own doctors in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Lu Zhang & Dr. Jieren Tang, offers treatments for a variety of complaints and issues. Thalasso Therapy Thalasso therapy derives from the greek word sea and refers to a varierty of treatmens that combine seawater and seaweed, each with the purpose to tone, moisturize and revitalize body and skin as well as improving our circulation. Thalasso therapy is based on the healing and detoxifying effecderivets of the sea water. The pores are opened, easing the circulation, restoring balance to the flow of blood through the body and correcting any flaws or imperfections. Seaweed, with its healing antibiotics and antiviral properties, rounds off the process. Be seduced by the touch of nature. Discover a new line of organic and natural treatments and products by Sacred Nature - [Comfort Zone] at the Arabella Spa of The St. Regis Mardavall.


Puerto Portals (South West)


8:00 / 8.00pm


Passeig Calvia S/N · 07181

TEL.+34 971 629 239