About Mallorca

About Mallorca

A dream. What a worn expression, how topical and commercial. It has been so used that we hardly believe in it anymore. Yet dreams do exist.

And what is a dream? Majorca represents the perfect example. A place where your inner peace reflects on the outside. A landscape that breaks down the barriers between your imagination and the earth you walk on, the air you breathe. The water and the memories.

A dream comes true in places that welcome you, that mean something to you. Tree covered mountains blanketed with the soft golden light of sunset. Dappled, dense, light blue water coves. Elegant and majestic villages built with ochre stone. Fields and crops to the horizon. Vineyards, oak trees. A city like Palma, both cosmopolitan and quiet.

A dream is much more than scenery. It is a way of living timelessly. It is like floating on the carpet of the days as if time did not weigh. Letting go. Achieving that nameless happiness that consists of silently admiring the sunset on the Tramuntana coast, hearing a bell through the streets and convents of Palma, contemplating the geometric flight of seagulls on the beaches of Llevant at dawn.

A dream is an intimate setting. And so Majorca is a dream. Because the island allows all these subtle, full, secret and sensual realities inside you. A mild climate, an area not too big nor too small. Here you can find music and silence. Mountain and sea. Plains, streams, forests, rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, small towns and cities. Simply pick what takes your fancy.

Majorca is people, human relations, art and gastronomy. A way of life that is always discreet, anonymous, respectful of privacy. The island is with you, close to you, but also knows when you need to be left alone.

Just approach her. And Explore your own dream.

Because the dream does exist. It is in Majorca.

Carlos Garrido - Journalist and Writer

Ivan Lorger & Luisa Catalan

Mallorca Label SC

C/ Pau N6, 2 Planta, Puerta E